Dip in fall


Once upon a time, the blue sky melted on the ice-capped mountains. It was a cold day with lofts of ice chunks floating here and there over chilled water.

Thirsty souls thought of climbing up the hill. Folks decided to climb differently that time. They put on rugged bags till their waist. Started to move ahead. Suddenly, had to stop and go back as the rugged bags almost dropped down. Tied the rugged bags around waists to move on.

Ice and snow almost all around, an ocean and a clear blue sky. Moving was not easy. Stopping by felt a site like mirage. Thin streams of water crossed paths at times. Rugged bags got wet. Cold like never before.

Sara remembered she used to make igloo with thermocol in her school days. Had there been an igloo around she could have stayed on these hills. Sara wondered how could she build an igloo there. She couldn’t find a rock. Snow covered trees were still alive. Few trees were seen fallen down the hills, so down that Sara couldn’t even imagine to pick up to build up a tree house even all of them could have tried. Sara digged a little here and there only to find snow and ice but anything to make an igloo. Sara was thrilled for being there.

Chyang followed Sara. He was lost in his own thoughts – moving and shivering in cold, missing a cuppa, and not understanding why was he there. Many times he thought of getting rid of the rugged bag around him and be like what he used to be. He chose to bear all as Sara didn’t say a word. As if there was no meaning of being where they were.

Chyang stopped by a stream. Sara said not to. Water chilled Chyang’s mouth. Chyang was almost freezing so was Sara. Chyang picked up a small chunk of ice and gazed a while and put it in it’s place again. Floating chunks of ice on the water was moving slowly.

Run on the plains putting on rugged bags till waist on running tracks used to be childhood game. However, that was like – Wow, what a beautiful site it was. Amy and Daisy were waiting. Chyang felt relieved as it was time to put off the rugged bags then. Daisy was muttering while Sara remained busy putting off her rugged bags. Soon, Yazi joined in.

Radz kept staring at the big bowl of ice-cream delight in front of him. Rija called Radz as she looked up from her plate only to find Radz looking lost. Radz started to gulp the ice-cream bowl. It tasted good when the vanilla scoop melted in his mouth with crunchy choco-chips. Radz was like sad as there was not even the rugged bags that he thought moments before as he chewed wafers from the bowl.


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