On a Valentine’s day


Anie was tensed and sad. She awaited Shanee’s reply as she craved for a Valentine. Anie was a confused one. She kept thinking about Shanee like few previous years. She was in love, she was not in love – Anie didn’t know until she knew her.

With an attempt to not to show that Anie was confused, she put on a red dress and went out on the Valentine’s day. What a pensive morning it was! As time passed by, Anie felt uncomfortable as others around her was in celebration mood. Few hour and Anie was dying to talk to Shanee but there was silent like ever.

Roni met Shanee and there was a hunt of some excitement. Life is not a movie or Anie thought so. However Roni and Shanee was on a spree to dig spark of love and excitement or they thought so. Had love to be…

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