That Valentine’s day

Anie was tensed and sad. She awaited Shanee’s reply as she craved for a Valentine. Anie was a confused one. She kept thinking about Shanee like few previous years. She was in love, she was not in love – Anie didn’t know until she knew her.

With an attempt to not to show that Anie was confused, she put on a red dress and went out on the Valentine’s day. What a pensive morning it was! As time passed by, Anie felt uncomfortable as others around her was in celebration mood. Few hour and Anie was dying to talk to Shanee but there was silent like ever.

Roni met Shanee and there was a hunt of some excitement. Life is not a movie or Anie thought so. However Roni and Shanee was on a spree to dig spark of love and excitement or they thought so. Had love to be lost on the Valentine’s day like ever!

Saloni took Anie out for lunch as Ronie had planned. Shanee brought a hot dish of lunch for Anie in the restaurant kitchen. Anie was unhappy as she couldn’t order the dish she would love to eat, Saloni chose instead. A big lunch table – Anie and Saloni with that hot plate of lunch. Saloni tried to keep Anie busy in some talks that Anie was not able to connect to as she kept awaiting for Shanee who was not there.

Post lunch, Anie returned to her shabby desk only to find folks were busy hushing about some Valentine’s day special lunch they had to be there. Anie was not going to be part of it, she was little sad. Anie was not bothered. Anie was unhappier when she knew that special lunch was Shanee’s treat to the folks. Grief and truth was all there – neither Shanee was hers nor could she speak any word. This was becoming worse. Love was where!

Roni and Shanee bonded like closest pals over drinks that night. Rumi joined them. Anie was lonely to wonder what to do with her. On an another corner of the city, Roni introduced Shanee to Rumi. They were busy enjoying a drive that could lead Anie nowhere. Anie was there. Anie was where like nowhere. Anie felt a sigh as many were trying to take Anie to nowhere, unknown, that Anie was already nowhere.

Tami passed by – they thought a phase however all but Tami.

Mani had a good time with Saloni that evening. Saloni soaked into the dim light of that evening to relax. Afternoon had treated Saloni quite weird. Saloni was not much comfortable to fake it all with Anie. Saloni wished this afternoon had not happened like it did to Anie. Saloni could not resist however. Saloni wished if she could not be moved by Roni’s kind words.

Every heartbeat was like a spark of love or Rumi thought so. This was really new to Rumi that she ever felt. Shanee was a decent guy and charming too. Rumi tilted towards the front seat and every time she wished for, Shanee turned his face to her. Rumi wished this could never end. Roni enjoyed the ride. Anie was just a name amongst the three superstars on the Valentine’s day. Shanee was liking it all – a new pal and a new flame on a far away pub. Scotch was not a brite when glasses cheered.

Anie was doing the dishes way back at her shabby place with a piece of scotch brite. For Anie, that Valentine’s day was like a nightmare. Anie felt dumb. Why couldn’t she ask Saloni directly. How could she! – when many had chosen to hide the truth as it was not a church. Anie looked at the steel plate she just cleaned at her hands – a blurred image of her’s brought tears to her eyes. She was not in a hurry to wipe it off.

Days later, Anie’s friends was all there. It was some comedy that lives will remember. Anie was not there. Shanee was up for wedding. What a marriage when Rumi’s eye’s met Shanee’s twinkling stars. A tale of love to remember.

Month later, Anie was anything but Ferrero Rocher. Anie wished she could be most far. How far!

Roni ended up sunken in shots in a bar. Roni was not happy as Anie was nowhere. Roni catched a glimpse from little far – Anie was living almost like a beggar. That Valentine’s day was like not so fair. Roni remembered he gifted Anie a pen-set to sign her wedding papers. Cupid was lost in this love like war. Ink was no more there, however, Anie wondered love was where. Where was Roni by the way – amused to see from a distance and feelings but to share. Only a sigh of relief Rumi and Shanee were happy together.

Anie wished she could be away from her. Who else could share and say this to her! Could there be a world where one could talk to each other like crystal clear. Anie gets false phone calls and lives a cause to make people cheer.


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