Bio-degradable waste utilization on high altitude


Sometimes fire on ice is not a flame on a glass of drink. Nerves arousing cold weather can be thrilling. Sometimes there are ice and snow, sometimes there are mountains, sometimes both. Sometimes fire on ice is little more than comfort, being a part of bio-degradable waste utilization.

Fire on ice

Picture: Fire on ice on the Himalayas, India, December 2015.

The better part of any fire on ice or thought so are as follows : –

  1. Brings in heat, a place to gather, a cause for another cheer.
  2. Used papyrus end-products viz. paper cups, tissue papers, etc can be decomposed locally, no need to transport.
  3. Cotton wastes viz. cotton dubs, may be used band-aid or Dr. Tape, etc can be disposed in the fire.
  4. Dead branches of trees, fallen leaves, pine cones, etc found and collected on any trail walked through actually helps as fuel to fire. Dead and dropped barks of trees are often added fuels.
  5. Little Kerosene can help to lit up such a fire initially. However, a good replacement for initial littering can be a dead shoot lit from any source of kitchen fire.
  6. Ashes left-over can be left buried within snow or ice without another responsibility for it’s disposal.

Enough or not about the bio-degradable waste disposal on higher altitude, the non-bio-degradable wastes still require to be taken downhill for disposal or any recycling treatment.

At least, local waste management process like littering bio-degradable wastes is a scope of reduced effort even at higher altitude.

Not to forget, huge fire can cause more smoke causing hazard to the thinly densed air at high altitude. While on mountains capped with ice or clad with snow, any huge fire can cause snow to melt. Affects can be even reduced oxygen content in the air locally and more which is unhealthy to human beings, weather as well as the natural harmony.


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