My snow holiday gallery

Now I find this December is good. I have been lucky to be close to snow, as warm as cold.

There afar stands the mountain, up and high, clad with thick and thin ice.

Pir panjal range

Two dark and strong horns, thick darker fur – a healthy Yak nose-bound with a string with a stronger anchor staged in the ground. There’s a bow.

Bowed to Yak

A rabbit hug. Warmer than warmth to hold a similar soft toy.

Rabbit hug

An almost wet niche to miss if it is a wait for the Sun or the Moon.

Near tree's coutre

It would have if it could have enhanced decor of somewhere else but this beautiful place.

Another kingdom with no king grown pumpkins. No fairy yet must be tales of any and many pumpkins.

Sometimes bird watching means bird watching.

On a chilled morning, it was a morning to chill.

Spreaded snow, there I did go. Day or night are in row. Where did I go! Where did I go!

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