House Keeping: Natural Kohl made easy

By Moumita Adhikary

Kohl made at home! Must be something that grandmother needs to do! Let’s come out of that notion. It can be started as easy and quick as plucking any non-poisonous leaf from a tree and holding it above a lit up source of light( a burning candle used here).


Image: A non-poisonous leaf placed above a burning candle.

Few seconds and remove the leaf from above the light source. A black shoot is obtained over the leaf. The shoot is formed at the portion of the leaf where the lit up source of light was in contact with the leaf.



Image: Black shoot formed on the leaf.

The black shoot can be withdrawn with fingers from the leaf. It is kind of a Kohl having less smudge. When the same is wore as Kajal, it lasts for some hour without any smudge effect. The colour of the black shade has a matte effect naturally. It can be used for shades of bindi, eye shadow as well. It can be preserved for further use however have to be cautious about the flaky particles of the black shoot.


Image: Black shoot withdrawn from leaf with hands. Can be withdrawn with plant stem shoot, etc as well.

For a more vibrant hue of black kajal from the same black shoot, a drop of Ghee(dairy product made from cow’s milk usually) or body oil can be added to the black shoot and applied as Kajal over the eyes. This form is a sticky one, can be preserved for further use; however, it smudges when applied.

Require to be cautious about what leaf is been used to avoid any harm.


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