Necessity of proper waste disposal on picnic places and remedy

By Moumita Adhikary

A picnic is a thing of delight. We plan we go we celebrate. And the place we choose for a picnic is what we like. We need to care about the places as well along with having fun on a picnic. So that tomorrow someone else or more too can have the opportunity to have pleasure of the picnic place or at least let not live others with displeasure of wastes scattered on any place specifically a picnic place. Such a topic might not be a pleasure to read, however displeasure to have it around anytime, hence needs keen attention.

With the advent of many Government or non-Government initiatives, today most of the picnic places has got waste bins around and places to cleanse with water.

Need to take care of the land area as well as the waterbodies. Not to forget about air pollution as well.

Let us keep in mind always that when we leave a picnic place after enjoying food, any place must not look like what follows in the following picture : –


Picture: Used thermocol food plates scattered over on a picnic place found.

The place in the above picture have been a favourite of mine. I was displeased to see it like this once in recent past. If I consider that I am more concerned about it as it has got a favourite niche to me, I give it a second thought.

In case some of us are familiar with the picnic place or not in the above picture; am sure must be at least little unhappy about the condition of the place and the hygiene factor after a picnic.

Now what to do!

Can we afford to close this place for further picnic(s)? No. We can but we won’t.

There are waste bins inside that picnic premises that could/can be used. Whether waste bins will get emptied or not that should be a later thought once we are able to dump wastes in waste bins. Some volunteer(s) could get deeper into the waste bin management of that place.

Generalising the same scenario for all picnic places or to be specific any and every place(s) the same is applicable to everyone and every place.

In case the picnic place is nearby to home of shrubs and more, a good substitute of non-bio-degradable plates, glass, cups, etc can be made up of leaves(bio-degradable substance).

Why leaf plates?

  • Genuine question. Reasons are as follows : –

a.Readymade leaf plates,bowls are available in the market in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc that can be ready help.

b.Most of the picnic places chosen above and beyond geographical borders has got shrubs around. Plucking up leaves and preparing plates or vessels out of it can be another option.

c.Cost-effective option that can be chosen off course when the number of heads is not huge.

A Palas tree has got it’s medicinal properties, as well as it’s leaves are a good option to prepare leaf plate. The dimension of these leaves are kind of circular providing a huge area per leaf. Only three-four mid-size leaf is good enough to make a big leaf plate. A big Palas leaf diameter ranges 11inch on an average and itself can serve as a food plate or vessel.


Picture: Young Palas tree found nearby a picnic place.

On an experimental note, fresh leaves plucked from a young Palas tree are rinsed in water and put with thin dried branches collected from ground.


Picture: Fresh Palas leaves and dried branches.

Next Palas leaves are put together with the help of dried branches to prepare leaf plates.

Binding is fun,

Awaited is bun

When your plate is done

Hunger ate bun.

Sounds like a hymn! What I recall when I made my first leaf plate. Guess many more hymns on it’s way! Made few more leaf plates but any hymn did made it’s way to my mind.

It’s a different experience of leaf-plate making, prepare to discover and enjoy the pleasure.


Picture: Leaf plates made up of Palas leaves.



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