House Keeping: Natural Loofa

By Moumita Adhikary

What is Loofa or Luffa?

  • Sponge in it’s fully developed form is the source of the loofah or luffa scrubbing sponge.

What is the use of Loofah or Luffa?

-> Usages are as follows: –

  1. Used as vegetable when sponge is young.
  2. Used in bathrooms and kitchens in it’s ripened form.

Where is home of Luffa?

  • Luffa is a genus of tropical and subtropical vines in the cucumber(Cucurbitaceae) family.

What is the identification of Loofah?

  • Loofah, usually means the fruit of the two species L. Aegyptiaca and L. Acutangula.

What is the origin of the name Loofah?

  • The name luffa was taken by European botanists in the 17th century from the Egyptian Arabic name لوف lūf.

A sponge in it’s growing stage looks like the picture that follows : –


Picture: Growing sponge.

Onset of evenings are different. Sponge is good.


Picture: Sponge.

A grown up sponge has a brown outer coating. The texture of the sheath(outer covering) of a ripe sponge is hard and fragile. By the time, the branch that bears the ripe fruit starts to harden. A suitable time to pluck it up from the tree for a Loofah preparation out of it as quickly as in a day or two.


Picture: Ripe sponge.

A plucked ripe sponge is ready to be a Loofah. Loofah preparation manually consists of following method : –

a.The outer covering of any ripe sponge can be hurt with slight hand press to break the crust. Next the outer coating can be taken out with hands.


Picture: Peeling started on a ripe sponge.

b.Same way after peeling of, an almost ready Loofah is obtained.


Picture: Wholly peeled off ripe sponge.

c.Most of the ripe sponges are well weaved Naturally and are good to go. However, some are like A part of the ripe sponge formed un-well in it’s Natural weave – What do we do with those!

Commercially, we don’t sell them.

However, those are still good to use apart from a patch missing in it’s Natural weave.

With a growing population in the World and huge numbers still struggling in their day to day life, throwing a Loofah is luxury. We can still manage our tantrums but Natural weaves. Let’s accept the bliss of Mother Nature keeping in mind the World has got generations to come with a requirement of Natural resources. It might not cost you if you managed to pluck a sponge from somewhere for free, however let’s not forget how long does it take for a sponge to get ripened and all the effort put together to make it a Loofah and the intention behind doing so.

Let’s use the Loofah like other Loofahs even on a commercial note if it is meant for.


Picture: A part of the ripe sponge formed un-well in it’s Natural weave.

d.For preparation of the Loofah, another final procedure remains when done manually. We got to soak the dry Loofah into clean water for sometime. Next pick it up from the water and get it sundried. Once dried up, the Loofah is ready for use.


Picture: A moist peeled off sponge getting sundried.

Using a Natural Loofah is different joy specially when there is a provision of making it.

In case, a tinge of interest has grown into you for Natural Loofah, the pictures put here might help you to identify a sponge tree around and prepare Loofah(s).


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