A touching life in clean India


Written by Moumita Adhikary

The lap of a most popular honeymoon destination in India is as cold as -9degree Celsius in Manali in peak winter month in December. A large number of couples are religious to transcend honey and the Moon into set of rituals that consist of a perfect or close to perfect honeymoon travel. Manali has a wide range of hotels, winery, delicacies or rather arms and aminations to cater any honeymoon couple visiting the place. Manali also lives myriad of varied lives with the Sun and the shadow.

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. The age of this known disciplined statement is often not remembered. However, a stack of brooms amidst a jostling market in Manali was not less than queue of grooms with matrimonial advertisements.


Picture: Stacks of brooms, Manali market.

Cleaning is good. Brooming follows removal of the wastes. Plastic wastebins are colourful options serving today in Manali. There is a demand of biodegradable wastebins to groom brooming process.


Picture: Colourful plastic waste bins, Manali.

A robust movable bigger wastebin is a final collective of waste disposal accumulation. While such of a kind found standing strong nearby a light post in Manali. The metal body of the robust wastebin is suitable for weather conditions in Manali working well everyday over the years. This advanced portable wastebin collective is equipped to serve a moderate local area; does not deal with brooms directly and has least requirement of groom(s) for its maintenance. Such a one in Manali is staged at a particular position to reduce manual effort to pull or push to dump the wastes carried in it to waste disposal zone. Further waste disposal from a big wastebin is done either by manual effort for removal for further removal often through spades. Wet dirt causes untidiness of the wastebin indifferent of it’s composition elements and substances and size(s). Hence, there is a demand and supply for cleaning of the wastebins as well for a longer mileage of it’s service to specific purposes it is made up of.


Picture: A metal dustbin with wheels staged near a light post.

Thus there is a provision to take part in the everyday process of cleaning for everyone to help build India cleaner.

Many a thing touch our lives, often another life or our own. Such a kiss of time was coming across a priest who is a woman. Knowing through word of mouth and becoming acquainted in real life are often not alike. It was an unique realisation when I met a woman priest in an ancient temple of the Lord Shiva nearby a local stadium around Manali.


Picture: Priest and Lord Shiva temple, nearby Manali.

Do you have a quest to know why you breath in and out?

May you know such a temple or the priest or anyone or anything possibly could be nothing that quenches any or/and many thirst(s).


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