Four scene

By Moumita Adhikary


Winter has lost it’s cold

The spring is in

All day,

Every place feels like inn.

Murtaza keeps busy

On his own.


A plate full of lentils

What did Murtaza used to sort?

A few thing

But a bouquet of his thoughts.

Pity on those burnt hands

A deck of hot water

Burning warmth

And an almost burnt soul.


Sad and somewhere but the soul

No hunger, no anger

Flowing celebration

Many a thing

Adjoined and around

Yet felt like a hanger.


It is a wedding place

Murtaza arrived there now

So much flush

Another deck of lentils

And lesser flaws.


Day by day

Wedding after wedding

Murtaza need not bother

They come and go

More deck of lentils,

A careless soul full of Murtaza

Undisturbed to wonder.


Murtaza was all smiles

A basket of wonder

As merry in a day and night

As all stars in the sky to ponder.

Often little shy

To ones who felt like

Inmost grinder.


Gender had become bender

Not any quiz though

Hush and push

Yielded words to render

Time when a few brother

Hurt like another offender.


Day were good too then

A day to reveal in

What was so like own

Good on the Earth

Generous tunes and tones

Many of them fun and dune.


A pinch of time,

Where is Murtaza?

Murtaza is where!

They know not the way

That takes to Murtaza’s hay

Why is it all that to say?


The globe is one

Where did they go?

Alas! Let go.

A day might come

We all shall go.

May or may not

There be care

Hurts a cause

That hurt any flow.


Note:      Many a thing is right

But anything that senses right

To hurt their way right.

God bless a life

But efforts to hurt flow of life.

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