Pace maker

To cut a long story short.

– Moumita Adhikary

His daughter searched and enquired at hospitals and home only to find no records of pacemaker implemented in his heart.

He is Kasee. He is 60 year old. He looks like one of his maternal uncle whois still alive and is above 80year old. He is living with a pacemaker by more than 20year by now. He has two daughters. He got his daughters married off to be home makers. Those girls were employable too. Kasee’s daughter cannot forget her aunt’s misfortune whenever she comes across the term pacemaker.

Kasee’s retirement was approaching then. His only daughter was demanding to own an apartment for her and their family.

She is Kyani.

Kyani was working then. Kyani was trying her best to move to any other place for work. Kyani did not want to stay nearby any place where her father would.

Kasee had lost his wife. Kasee did not want her daughter to go far even for work. Kyani played it dirty with her daughter. All Kasee wanted was to get Kyani married off and be a housewife unlike Kyani and her mother ever wished for.

Kasee pretended as if he had a pacemaker operation. The real meaning of pace-maker was that all he wanted was to get his daughter retired too before he would retire from his work forever.

Kasee was success then and now.

Kyani failed to stay in her the then job. Everyday fights and torture from her father was too filling to work for her. Quite a number of time, she would have nothing to eat there. Kasee would scold her badly, then bring in neighbour at home without Kyani’s consent late at night and leave the house. Many a time, Kyani had to cook for guests at her place even at such circumstances.

Kyani was staying at her father’s friend’s house for a while. Kyani used to stay alone there against her will. Kyani did not want to stay there right from the beginning. Kyani was new to that city then and she wanted to make new friends and live without her father’s supervision. Kyani was 26 year old. However, Kyani lacked it all to not to stay where she was staying then. Kyani had expressed her grievances by not staying in touch with the house owner, neighbours and many more.

Kyani’s father would visit her place in that city every now and then. Kyani would require to cook even on her birthday against her wishes. Kyani did not like it that way. Kyani’s mother was ill, she would stay alone at Kyani’s hometown while her father would spend long weekends even on usual weekends staying at her place quite a number of time.

Kyani did not have the financial stability to take care of her mother’s treatment with her meagre salary.

Kyani had innumerable fights with her father for her wedding. Her father would search groom(s) for Kyani without her consent and days they would fight on the same.

Kyani was not able to pursue higher education. Kyani disliked it even more when she would think that she was not able even to date anyone to choose a groom for her. Kyani had or have no complaints that she could never be in a relationship with any guy which she often found unusual to herself as she had always admired anyone in a committed relationship and wondered why that never happened to her. Once Kyani got rid of a far away old crush though with lots of drama added to it. Kamat was a rich guy and a playboy as far as Kyani has always believed. Changes are often, playboys can’t be exceptions however, Kasee and luck ditches Kyani’s love interests without fail. Kyani cannot forget how happy she was preparing, having, and sharing sweetmeats on her own once she got rid of Kamat. Alas! such kind of joys are often not shared with everyone at a time.

Once Kyani got rid of that accommodation too in that city to her delight. She managed to shift to a paying guest accommodation only to find that her roommates and few more used to share all her day in and out informations to her family far away. A sense of lost trust from family had started to rise within Kyani.

Kyani could not concentrate at work. Few colleague would understand her situation. Who knows why, one day she left her job.

Pace never matched with her father. They were too different – Kyani and Kasee and many more.

Kyani went to a far off city that was dear to her. She used to look for work and life.

However, that did not happen as she wished for. Unfortunately, Kamat used to stay in that city as well. Kamat would be around Kyani’s accommodation, roads and wherever Kyani would go to search work. Kamat was a former colleague of Kyani, however could never speak up and Kyani made it a point to stay away. Kyani broke off her silence few time when she met few old folks however in vane. Few time initially when Kyani would see Kamat she thought things might get sorted out. Flame was lost and Kyani did not regret for not being in love. Kyani hopes she forgets how ill treated she have been by her father and any Kamat. Kyani could not marry any Kamat. However things only did sort out when Kyani lost all interests even to work with Kamat on the same league. Kyani complained a few time only to find there was almost no result to her despair.

To sour it up more, Kyani’s father’s another friend called Rajan used to spy her and would send information way back to her home without her consent. Mr. Rajan was forcing Kasee and Kyani for Kyani’s marriage since more than last five to six year. Mr. Rajan has his own daughter who is doing well and is not married, however that does not stop him to force Kasee for Kyani’s wedding. Kyani likes Nerul and Chembur without that wicked chap.

Kyani had always heard Mr. Rajan is a good man however, she could see the truth. Kyani had limited budget to survive. She used to live on 0.5litre of milk a day for many a day and month. Kyani had shed 10Kg and used to struggle to stay fit enough to move to anywhere possibly as near as a local shop or as far as places she wished for and she had to. Kyani had lost almost all patience and emotions to continue to see the way she was still being spied but been offered any food or at least asked at least once to visit their place.

Kyani was too weak to withstand her liquid diet and on a travel to places out of the city she started to eat somehow. That’s how Kyani survived that time. Thanks to all good people for who Kyani started to eat and is alive today.

Kyani could not find work still. Left with little money, Kyani returned home. She was asked to come back home for her mother’s one year death anniversary funeral rites. Kyani did not have funds to go again to her dear city. That’s how Kyani was left way back home. Kyani still seeks to go to live to some place she wished for with financial independence.

Kasee is unable to accept a girl child since Kyani was born. Kyani can’t help that she is a woman. A leap found Kyani do not even get to eat many a time which depicts she should better be away from her father for sake of rest of her life otherwise, nothing much to worry though, her mother is already waiting for her somewhere else where it takes a soul to after death.


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