Anger suppression therapy

By Moumita Adhikary

Abstract: Anger is an emotional quotient parameter. Sounds too emotionless? Well, that’s how it can be categorised. Time has come when emotional quotient is considered instead of intelligence as a human resources parameter. Anger is another often hidden parameter that emotional quotient includes.

Anger suppression therapy is no medical jargon. Call it therapy as it is for good and involves exercises without medicine. Suppression is good when it is anger suppression. However, case studies depict that anger suppression often leads to criminal activities. So there is a need of anger suppression therapy to get rid of the negative energy involved gradually if not suddenly, the sooner the better.

How angry are you?

  • Given a similar situation, how more or less angry are you on a particular or set of situations or conditions, it depends. Some people has tendency to spark up at the spur of a situation, some experiences less anger rather however the tendency to nourish or not nourish anger by the time depends.

Certain medical conditions that boosts anger:

i.Hunger, it increases the insulin level and without calorie consumption the insulin level stays up causing a biological need for calories, failure to which promotes anger.

ii.Can be genetic or hereditary which is very rare.

iii.Sensitivity and other derivatives are important emotional quotient parameters contribute to generate anger.

iv.Diabetic and blood pressure patients are prone to anger time to time.

v.Negative emotions like loss, fear, anxiety, etc may generate anger.

Dos to get rid of anger :

i.Intake of calorie throughout the day.

ii.Physical activities.


iv.Memory exercises.

v.Avoidance and prohibition of non-vegetarian food specifically for widows or anyone living without partner.

vi.Participating into other engagement activities viz. Work, games, study, welfare, pursuing any hobby, etc.

Donts :

i.Speak up right away.

ii.Take decisions.

iii.Help anything that hurts to increase hunger.

iv.Avoid repetitions of incidences or reasons that already caused anger.

One quick help to combat anger: Case study and results:

Tongue twisters are great remedy to reduce a spur of a moment quickly. Even if it is a nourished anger, tongue twisters help instantly.

Many a time, it is decided that a cause of anger is forgiven however, often not able to forget it anyway.

A case study reads Annie comes across bitter vibes when Danie is in touch or around. They have an almost forgiven past when Danie carelessly knocked down Annie in a filthy pond in a crowd. Annie got drenched.

Annie keeps remembering not to nourish anger. Anger derivatives like low self esteem is a resultant while avoidance does not help.


Anytime bitter vibes hurt heals, generates or regenerates anger, Annie practises the given tongue twister : –

A day at a bay a say is Nay that makes hay.

Tongue twisters help Annie a lot. Now-a-days, Annie does not find it hard when Danie is around.

Few more tongue twisters:

i.Peter past Pamie piping Pink Panther.

ii.Mice moulded melt mousse meal.

iii.Nanny knows none knitting in Namibia.

Even thinking rather than uttering or muttering of a tongue twister might help.

Mind exercise to reduce anger:

Not every time, it is possible to start practising a tongue twister aloud, a quicker memory exercise of reverse counting of numbers help to reduce anger instantly.

A tried and tested method is to count 10 to 0 in reverse manner silently.

Research study :

Found best result when the same is performed with making shapes of numbers with help of sand on a white paper.

Who should undergo this therapy?

  • When tongue twisters does not help and may be other therapies like aroma therapy, physical activities, etc have lost charm to reduce a persistant cause of anger, sand art therapy helps.

Psychological reason:

Dry sand particles can take any form when given a shape and can be deformed easily as well. Simple understanding is nothing is permanent, neither a shape made on sands nor should be any anger.


The process of this therapy is very simple.

i.Take a white sheet of paper.

ii.Sprinkle dry sand particles on the piece of paper to form a sand clad bed over the paper.

iii.Form the numerical from 10 to 0 one by one and think about the numbers.

Following are some pictures given:


















iv.The reverse counting is over as 0 is drawn. If you soak your mind and hands on this, chunces are high, mind is empty as 0 is formed. May be a few more pattern formation on the sand bed brings you peace of mind. What’s next? The research study ends with reformation of sand bed where no shapes are formed.


i.This therapy is newly tried and tested, may or may not be better than other more established anger management techniques. However, it is obviously better to practise a therapy possibly this one or any other one instead of expressing anger to any other human being or surroundings. Believe in ‘Live and let live’.

ii.No medication required.

iii.Comprises of least time for anger management amongst all therapies.


Practise this therapy for yourself to find out how you respond to this therapy.

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