Welcome Holi festival ’16 with abstract and smoothies

By Moumita Adhikary


Abstract painting, By Moumita Adhikary

Colours are vibrant and an many as available during Dol Yatra, Holi festival, Basant Utsav, Rang Panchami as differently named a festival of colours.

“Art for arts sake” or “Arts for humans sake” still somewhat a controversial hypothesis.

Gazing at the abstract painting finished sometime ago, to me, an abstract is more thoughtful than any controversy in Humanities.

Smoothies have their own charm. While celebrating Dol Yatra ‘16 with three new smoothie recipes can be the most different celebration of a kind, enjoying the warmth of sharing smoothie photography and ideas for a pick alike. Picture follows : –


Black grape smoothie


Tomato smoothie


Cucumber smoothie

May you share any thoughts on Abstract painting and soak into the goodness of smoothies.


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