Diminishing line of control in values and ethics in and out organisations and beyond

Compiled by Moumita Adhikary

While values and ethics has always been relative in and out organisations, a set of agreed protocols gists ethics in any organisation.

An organisation comprises of many a thing that ends as well as starts with people involved.

A group of people working together with a shared goal of organisational interest are known as colleagues. This is not all about defining colleagues but the intention to remember shared ethics while working together for the same organisation.

Nourishment of ethics is included as a part of ethics. This comprises of non-disclosure of organizational ethics outside the organization. Moreover, when colleagues happen to become ex-colleagues, they are not bound to maintain earlier work protocols. To add to this, any two or multiple number of ex-colleagues, employees, former employees, interviewer, interviewee, trainer, trainee, or anyone related to business of the organisation are supposed to avoid any unnecessary confrontation that might affect one or the other or may be both or/and more people.

Being ethical to anyone inside or outside the organisation is a duty of an employee. Whereas, courtesy is beyond expectation from former employees or anyone outside the organisation.

Any boss-employee relationship ceases to exist once one of the two or both are out of the organization. Hence, any kind of supervision or interference into a person’s life outside an employee’s organization without consent is unethical and beyond many of the company policies.

Organizations which does not allow work from home, specially the employee of such kind of organization deserves privacy and no control of anyone related to work once or now or in future without consent in their lives, death and beyond. In case two or more people gel with each other at work, specifically when out of work has to be of mutual interest otherwise it is known as abuse.

Supervision of a former colleague/associate without his/her knowledge or permission is an unethical organizational behaviour and offensive as well.

Organizational behaviour is vast. Being dutiful and let known that a place of an employee in an organization is the space that he/she deserves.

By the time, there are people who work/ed independently and//or not. Entrepreneurs, people in business and partnership business, others do not often have a rulebook of ethics at their end. However, chunces are high that their associates belong to same/different organizations directly or indirectly. It is high time to understand that in any case, indifferent of any job position, no one should supervise/control/interfere into anyone else’s life – work, personal or others without consent. Specifically, if and when asked not to interfere, that should be the exact moment to cease to dominate into someone else’s stuffs – specifically personal. At work, any kind of abuse or harassment to colleagues or specially all who are not colleagues is unethical.

Needless to dig into duty of a citizen while mentioning organizational behaviour.

Neither myths are proven facts, nor whistle blowing is easy.

A case study says Innayat, once an employee of a reputed firm belongs to minority section in a country. Most of the people used to avoid Innayat at work and at social places too. Even Innayat used to eat alone everyday at work unlike other people at his workplace as he was from a minority religion. Sense of disbelief and doubtful behaviour to him due to different religious paths for no reason always felt Innayat low. Eventually that affected his capacity and performance, and he left that job.

Another case study says, Raghavendra, is a top rated employee for last three year. Raghavendra supervises more than twenty employees at his work. Last two year has seen five employee resignations whom Raghavendra used to supervise with alarming retention rate. Raghavendra has a lot of work everyday and he being a yet to be adapted supervisor, loses temper often that affected resource pool at work. Raghavendra has a few report of abuse at his organization from his former colleagues of that organization and that is how he missed out a rise at the latest appraisal cycle and is currently working under special supervision.

A cross gender case study at a reputed organization, says, Kerry is a smart guy at work and beyond. Kerry made friends, as close as girlfriend(s) with only twenty two new women employee at work one to one through e-mail, chats, conversations, others which is completely non-work. Each woman employee believing she has only one conservative closest friend at least once or on a time-frame. Statistics says they all turned almost mute once they moved to different area of work while Kerry says it otherwise. The twenty-third one turned out to be the unlucky one for Kerry who reported abuse once and the number count within the organization eventually came out.

One of the many others case study says, the only guy Pam ever dated once belonged to minority section. Pam and Jean faced a rough time when many of their pals forced them to sever any tie with each other. Jean moved on to a different workplace and Pam moved on to weather out those conditional pals for sake of time ahead. This was one of a heard tale rather a report or a coin’s tail.

Even a little more caution could/can save human resources to an organization or at work.

Learning means a lot.


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