Habit and habitat awareness

By Moumita Adhikary

Facts are often known. However, spreading awareness helps.


Prohibition of deforestation is much sought after in order to maintain ecological balance and preserve Natural resources for generations to come. The picture depicts more cut trees which should not happen in real.


By now, there are places where there is shortage or even scarcity of water. Water is a Natural resource. Sources of river water in most of the places including India is primarily glacial water. Sea water needs lot of water treatment for usage. Availability of water beneath the ground is not even everywhere. Hence, well, bore wells, tube wells, ponds, lakes are not present everywhere or cannot fetch water. Rain water preservation is relatively modernization.

Adequate use of water helps save water. Another help is storage of water preferably with cover. Treatment of filthy water can turn out to be a good idea with fresh useful water.


Prohibition of water pollution is necessary. There should be proper way out to dispose industrial wastes rather draining them into nearby dam, pond or any other waterbody.

Many a time water animals including fish, etc die due to havoc water temperature difference in a waterbody they dwell. Other possibilities could be harmful industrial toxin drainage into water that leads to ecological disbalance, harmful for both water animals as well as reduces the usability of the water.

Hence, pollution content of waterbodies specifically those nearby industries should be tested time to time and taken measures if required.

Any visitor nearby such a waterbody may not be part of the industry or someone from the pollution control department. However, everyone should remain aware of the facts and not intake or use the water without knowledge. It is dutiful of a citizen to raise concern to stop water pollution if and when required.




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