A cup of Irani tea

Written by Moumita Adhikary

A laid back Saturday brings me many memories. Chose to cherish memories with a cup almost full of Irani tea.


Irani tea

Skimmed milk poured on boiled tea leaves in water. Love the aroma of cinnamon and ginger. A pinch of salt added and sugar to taste. That made my cup of Irani tea.

Irani tea is like an occasion to me. Otherwise I live on coffee or other sorts of tea or my favourite Kahwa. That doesn’t mean I die for a cup of Irani tea.

I have seen a lot of tea timers by now – a few of them would keep judging the flavour of the tea, some would explore all and sundry tea leaves possible on Earth or they have known, a few of them cannot resist the count of their cups in a day, few of them would ask for tea anywhere anytime possibly leaving anyone else surprised why tea ever existed on the Earth!

While I don’t resemble to any of such tea timer thoughts today, a few time the last sip of Irani tea makes me thoughtful on the size of my cup of Irani tea.

Anytime Irani tea makes it there to fill a cup for you, may you enjoy every sip!


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