How a paperboat float?

Written by Moumita Adhikary


A morning rains gathering water here and there. All that surrounds down to earth are mostly greener, exceptions exist. A cloudy sky with rays of the Sun lazing reflects to a darker hue of rain water gatherd. It is a different morning when sky showers in summer.

Rain stops leavinng a diminished variation in between dews and droplets of water.

A paperboat made to float on freshly stagnant rain water moves a while and sinks another while slowly. Paper is lifeless. Even a sinking paperboat does not bother it sinks or floats whether. Perhaps all but thoughts of any spectator. Sink or float or any other, human has thoughts but many and any living beings another. Neither grass nor paper knows what float or hurt or heal or anything other.


So pensive to look at the sinking paperboat at the bottom of water in the lap of grass and green. Ah! Now churns thoughts of Papyrus, paper and water. Some less, some more. May you forgive your/any crusader!



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