Wed prejudice?

By Moumita Adhikary

Marriage is the union of souls and wedding is the ceremony to legalise a marriage.

However, by the time I have always been sad to find and understand the irony of reality about many a wedding.

Mostly, a man or a woman chooses their partner for rest of their lives however, they end up being someone else’s groom or bride respectively. Reason being families, friends or friends of friends and/or influence of people, caste/creed or religion, financial situations, etc. Statistics depicts only 7% of weddings fail, the reason being finance mostly, however, reality is often different.

They blame it naming love, I call it prejudice. I am sure, many agrees with me like in the past in their thoughts, deeds and actions. The more money is involved, number of people flocking around a wedding is more – and that’s a thumb rule. Hence there is a less scope of anyone mourning over lack of people in their life with or without wedding while they possess less money. A wedding is less a marriage and more a business deal when the wedding happens keeping an eye on gross income of the would be newly wed couple. When the wedding dress is more important than the bride or groom’s consent, smells prejudice. When love have to have dwell between two persons and more who belong to same religion/community/sect/Native language speakers,etc. – it is dire prejudice. On a lighter note, probably that is why many of us have never seen a Cupid around us to spark love. Work places and higher education platforms being newer breed of opportunities to make people fall in love or alike – some call it at least attraction, many like me call it forced influence.

With increasing number of matrimonial sites, shopping a bride or a groom is easier as if buying a commodity. Search filters bring in required search result with desired income, education, appearance stats, location, age, readiness to marry, etc. Many of all who match through matrimonial sites are not like a portray in a blog, possibly they find it less tough to go for a match followed by a wedding rather struggling with their income, families and people, locations, workplace folks and definitely lot more. A mindset is in case both of the couple made, are working or even anyone of them, anyway they don’t have to deal with each other for 8-12 working hour a day possibly, a few hour more while commute, minimum 6hour of sleep, so raising a so-called family is a matter of probably more or less 6hour a day. With modernization of lifestyles, adults, who lives warmth of opposite sex on bed who are not their spouse/mate/how they like to call it, have adapting mindset to marry a stranger for human beings must be natural replacement of any other substitutes. In case you are living your successful marriage through any matrimonial site, you must have the control of mind to not to lose temper over reading an online blog. After all, a blog does not serve your house everyday.

Weddings are for real. They happen in real lives. With some sad truths as well. As sad as befriending people for the sake of a wedding and charming wedding album and forgetting them once wedding is over. Often wedding brings in too much joy to make anyone help to beautify a wedding dias probably who is undergoing severe hard situation at home and work. As massacre as not asking how he/she is doing but about his/her wedding to a weak and feeble on one’s own wedding occassion. Like it or not, some brides and grooms are intentionally or unintentionally body shoppers. Unfortunately, it is often like we do not ask about their daughter’s wedding anytime however, she/he/they would ask publicly about your or my wedding even on a sudden visit after years.

Orthodox thought process that believes in money is power have a tendency to slave brides and grooms, mostly by controlling their economic independence, influencing who one marry with, etc. like a feudal lord from history dealing with matters of land acquisitions, etc. Prejudice. What if you were/are part of any such prejudice? Wed prejudice or do anything to free yourself(ves) in your free country – rest is upto all of us. History says, freedom of the Nation was the prime interest of any Nation, hence freedom came first then Nations became Republic. And it is not otherwise, if it were so, many a Nation including India probably would not have been a free Nation today or over all years of freedom of the Nation(s).


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