My first Thang ka painting

By Moumita Adhikary

Thang ka painting is an ancient form of art that people used to do/does in Tibet starting back in 7th and 8th century as per historical records.

Knowing Tibetan culture and Thang ka painting is equally wonderful.

Thang ka paintings have served as souveniers.

I feel lucky to be acquainted with few precious Thang ka paintings that inspired me to come up with my own creation of Thang ka painting.

Thang ka paintings are usually prepared on clothes or canvas while some Thang ka paintings exist on paper.

My first Thang ka painting.JPG

The Thang ka painting in the picture is drawn on a white sheet of paper. Water colour is used in this painting. Pastel colours used to finish the painting.

The blend of hues put into the painting are all exclusive and so far the fine arts of finishing the painting.

The Buddha in the Thang ka painting alongwith few cosmic chakras are well defined in the painting, which depicts the originality of traditional Thang ka painting within and beyond time.

Several cosmic layers in Thang ka painting epitomize different levels of vibrations of energy with reflection and refraction of frequencies that put together colours in composition of the Thang ka painting(shown in picture above).

Since, Buddhism is an integral part of Tibetan community, they have a lot of stored energy that is expressed in their arts to release the energy in a positive manner. Thang ka painting is one of the significant expression or form of art in Tibetan culture.



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