Rememberance of Mahatma Gandhi in daily life

By Moumita Adhikary

There are several teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. One of the greatest is Ahimsa. Ahimsa has several ways of its own.

The simplest form of Ahimsa can be not doing a counter-attack even if slapped on head. Slapping or hitting are forms of attacks, these cannot be fun. Not slapping or hitting back is Ahimsa. Please let us understand the seriousness of Ahimsa. Some are unable to control his/her/their mind, body, actions and attacks other human beings desperately. To add to this, the same person/people expects the next moment from the attacked person(s) to befriend them again. In case, anyone does not wish to be friendly to some other, that can be said rather than committing criminal attempts. The attacked person(s) practices ‘Ahimsa’ by not hitting back his/her/their attacker(s). Now ‘Ahimsa’ is different from hypocrisy, probably that’s why he/she/them does not act friendly as expected moments after getting hit.

By law and order, in India, and many other developing and developed countries, harming innocent people is offense and attacking unnecessarily without consent is insult. However, few times, small offenses are forgiven by virtue.

Reminds of an example that says, when a dog comes behind to bite, first one should run to save oneself, when that cannot help, one have to throw stones at it/them.

With the progress of civilization, human has learnt and still learning a lot from cannibalism towards a grown or growing Nations with advancing lives and civilization.

There are treasures from ancient culture like Yoga, that is practised even today for betterment of mind, body and soul.

Practising Yoga in a group with discipline creates higher form of positive energy hence is a better practise. However, performing Yoga alone or in a small group can also be a boon to lives and civilization. Whatever, discipline is the primary component of Yoga.

If someone disturbs others while performing Yoga, it is unfortunate that civilization today has failed to civilize some people to commit such nuisance. Yoga is not a frenzy. Yoga is a way of living. To perform Yoga together, one needs to learn to respect a fellow Yoga performer and above all the Yoga instructor or trainer or teacher. Anyone who interrupts Yoga – the teacher and the performer needs discipline to learn how to behave properly at least by not disturbing one who is involved in Yoga if not able to perform Yoga on his/her own. The behavioural science of a class is same as that starts at a primary education level. Knowledge is to assimilate and enhance life/lives rather creating nuisance and increased room for learning of one and the same thing repeatedly. Same is the sociology with Ahimsa.

Happy learning!


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