Dung cakes on ice

Written by Moumita Adhikary

The landscape is different. It is the large district of Leh situated in India. Ice here is mostly frozen glacial parts. A bed of ice is too tough to break unless the momentum of a human/object jumps/thrashes over the same. The ice crust is not suitable for walking over or any other adventure activity. Does not even cater to snow cuddling like making snow balls, playing, etc. Moreover, a tint of mud colour that adds to the colour of the ice crust does not appeal to majority of snow/ice lovers.



dung cake.JPG
Picture: Near Mankarmo, Leh district, India.

A not so common sight beyond Stok village in this region catches glimpse with four dung cakes over the ice crust. The dwelling animals viz. Yak or the purposeful mule, etc. left excreta over the ice anytime. Due to high temperature difference of fresh dung and ice, dung is converted to dung cakes soon. Animals eat fresh greens mostly in the Nature wide during the monsoon and dung quality depicts they do not suffer constipation.

Apart from dung and dung cakes, in case there is any concern about human beings here, most of them leaves behind solid excreta open in air above ground that results in drying up of the same  however, pollutes the air. Burying human excreta with soil over it can be more eco-friendly and thoughtful act for anyone next to visit the same place.

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