Hot Chips

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Hot chips made up of potatoes are mouth-watering. Banana chips are another popular sort of hot chips/chips mostly meant for fasts and days of religious rituals mostly.

A snack that has always served stomach despite of their richness or poorness across geographies are potato chips despite of seasons.

Finely cut potatoes in horizontal direction are rinsed with water and mixed with turmeric and salt to it. Next the potatoes are fried low to deep in heated cooking oil mostly. Deep fried potatoes are brownish in colour and crisp in taste. Low fried potatoes does not make it there to be called potato chips on a plate, and often used in recipes or enjoyed low fried as vegetable mix.

Potatoes are grown worldwide and have been integral part of almost every kitchen. A balanced diet suggests intake of potatoes is essential alongwith protein rich food and other forms of carbohydrates.

Picture: Hot potato chips

Hot potato chips as seen in the picture are enjoyed across various parts of India including majority of households specifically in Eastern and Western regions of India with growing consumption in Northern and Southern parts of India.

Hot potato chips are also prepared chopping potatoes more finely. Chips having finer chopped potatoes makes them taste more crisp and consumes less cooking time. Oil free hot potato chips cooked, consisting of lesser calories is a luxury for majority of the world population so far.

French fries are another more popular sort of potato chips with particular shape of cut potatoes across countries.

There can be a compound calculation of calorific value in potato that one should consume a day specifically alongwith protein rich food consumed.

Not to forget that potatoes can be grown easily even at home, obtained from readily available sort in the market. It is a different experience to visit potato farms in the countryside across various geographies with varied agricultural conditions. The shoot of the potato plant is often enjoyed in recipes and delights ones with a taste for different herbs and plants as food. While obtaining farm fresh potatoes can be different joy while visiting potato farmland(s), people oriented with potatoes differently are varied and has many a tale to tell, listen and possibly more.

While there can be many a thing more to it, I finish the last one in my  hot potato chips plate here and now.



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