Written by Moumita Adhikary

The morning did not rain. I was in pensive mind. Lucky enough to realize the need of manicure while gazing at my hands.

I have mostly disliked removing patches of nail polish from my nails as that leaves my nails drier with a tone of the nail colour I was wearing last. My nails looked yellowish as I removed my maroon nail polish this time. Cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturizing completed the procedure of my manicure.

Many a time I fancy of getting a manicure kit for me however, whenever I actually go for buying it, I skip to buy the same as I do not like much a manicure kit . Manicure kits are mostly not portable and occupies a lot of space. All that suffice is a multi-purpose nail cutter and a pedicure scrubbing tool that substitutes for a pumic stone.

I prefer to apply a thin coat of oil at the end of manicure however, moisturizer serves drier hands. It has been years that mostly I do not like the smell of moisturizers with least options that can help it. I blended a few drop of lavender oil into the moisturizer today and a blended aroma was really different and one of a kind I have ever smelt. I guess only now I have experimented my hands on aromatherapy apart from the usual therapeutic knowledge known.

The sky looked almost clear as it stopped raining however, it was not such when I went out to take a stroll. It was raining slowly. I had to get in only to catch a dull gaze outside with least idea what could I do next. Time and again, I opened my box of nail paints that consists of more than ten nail colours. Removed the finished nail colours a while ago. I like all colours however the fact that putting on nail polish to my manicured hands could wear out most of the moisture from my nails. How I feel is my nails can breathe in and out without any nail polish on them now.

Personal grooming is important. Not always a grooming can wait for an occassion. Sunday is your grooming day.

Rejuvenate through grooming!

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