Trauma of a sabbatical

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Indian job market treats the word ‘sabbatical’ or work sabbaticals as a foreign thing. Hence, often people are shy to become work-friendly again to anyone who believed he or she was on a sabbatical and ends up with an early career retirement.

A percentage of the working people suggests to transform career to earn livelihood in some other domains of work leaving least choice for anyone on a work sabbatical to help resume work actually. Not on a payroll of any organization, even work pals become too personal to refer or job referrals working out at all for a job opening. Acquaintances, pals of former or possible colleagues behave too personally and expects professionalism.

There is scope to understand a friend’s former colleague is not a friend by default and there is nothing personal. With boon of social media, phone, e-mail, it is easy to connect for fun. Little bit of spying and homework makes easy to know whereabouts of anyone on a sabbatical/non-work. While it is not acknowledged offensive to be around people on work sabbatical without their consent, it is definitely too personal to not to talk to them with with one’s own identity and ending up reporting any misconduct making it worse state of their employability and work life. Specially in IT firms, it is too necessary to be nice. Any case of harassment even done in groups affects a human resource at work along with personal or possibly anything else.

Many countries has potential workforce who all takes work sabbaticals and there is no astonishment about the same. India is a developing country accepting sabbaticals differently. Numbered of all who goes to sabbatical is back to work.

Most of the Indian men are robustly talented to not to take sabbaticals anytime while the trend changes. Indian women, on the other hand, often fall prey of early retirement instead of being back to work.

With increasing competition in the workforce of India, there is often less room for understanding and scope of improvement to not stir dirt in any human resource’s work life that can affect his/her employability.

Not every organization lends an ear to women empowerment lest that yields a reason to deprive men. Hence, a percentage of the workforce ends up as carrier of responsibilities of men empowerment instead of pursuing their own career demands. Results are visible. Look around, near and far and know it all.

Anyways, as they say, mass memory is weak. A larger percentage of the workforce and non-workers are too busy to workout on any job referral in working days, weekends are busier resulting in a thin chunce and attitude to bring new people in the organization. Though most firms offer a lump sum as referral bonus, the weak affinity to work with friends or catering tantrums delay any job referrals at all. As salaried professionals rarely gets impacted in gross income with or without referral bonus for employee referral, fruitful conversion of a job referral into successful recruitment depends and if that happens it takes long time which does not affect the referrer but the referee.

In IT firms, lay-offs has their own story. When lay-offs are done in bulk, firms has certain conditions. However, lay-off of few ones is suspicious in any organization.


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