Need to respect a girl child and women

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Ouch! Misbehaviour hurts. Be polite to any girl child/children or woman/women.

A father is the first male in a child’s life. Gender of a baby is decided genetically due to father.

A father and/or mother may or may not have fancy of having a boy or a girl child. However, once a baby is born, there is less scope to change gender of the child and more scope to accept the gender of the child.

Any keen disliking of a girl or boy child affects the child and society and people beyond society too. A father or a mother should understand they were loved by their family(ies) or even if not, there is scope to love their child/children instead of nourishing negativity that reflects poor mental health. There is scope to understand parenthood. There is scope to learn from any good parent(s) who have even adopted child/children. There is scope to learn to respect own’s child/children specially when there are adults.

There is scope to learn to not impose decisions on child/children against their wish. A girl child is not a burden to the world but intentions and efforts to disrespect her in many ways need change.

There is scope to understand that letting down a girl child or a woman should not be your tool to express any grievance or disliking to the fairer sex or be your agenda to let down all efforts of any Government or political party or various platforms and intentions to empower women or care for girl child/children.

Unfortunately, there are families and instances when father of a girl child or an adolescent girl or an adult woman makes effort to let down his/their daughter while they gladly cares and brings all goodies for the male child/children in their family, close affinity and beyond. So much so, that at times a father of a girl child/female human beings does not even care to own house or take care of their needs or give away their property to their daughter or female in the family. Often, authority of inheritances are not there with girl child/children or woman/women. Often, daughters are less fortunate to even have the authority of their inheritances or their earned stuffs. Unfortunately, I am one of those less fortunate daughters.

Raising concerns and spreading awareness is an effort while there are a lot of scope of improvements.


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