Why still glass-ceiling?

Written by Moumita Adhikary

It is too sad that glass-ceiling has a closer affinity with women. Worse – it is persistent still today.

However, sadness is neither the end nor the beginning.

This has been quite sometime by now, women and men are concerned about womanhood. Such concerns are present in many charity stuffs. However, in reality, if we look around or even if we don’t, there is a thin percentage of women who work and earn. A thinner percentage has increased in the population of working women and people concerned about women’s rights.

Today, in a country of democracy like India there are too many colours available in banners of political parties. Mostly, political parties conflict amongst different banners or within a banner only to lapse time and elapse each other’s purposes or often contradict oneself. Result is visible. Nobody can deny this, not even those people who still rears the fancy of not being with any Government or any political parties and are not part of the contemporary society.

Without digging more, I grab the opportunity to raise an alarm on the current scenario in India and other developing countries, as well as under-developed ones.

There are land on this planet Earth which sinks/floats as small islands and different geographical formations. Conservation is responsibility of human-beings.



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