Nobody cared then

All characters and more are anonymous, time unknown.

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Part I

Archana: Let’s meet instead of phone conversations or written ones.

Siyali: Sure. What time?

Archana: Written in the e-mail. 3pm. My office.

Siyali: Sure. See you soon.

3pm hence, after exchanging few small talks.

Siyali: Do you have anything for me?

Archana: Why do you want a location change? That’s not possible. (Too loud).

Siyali: I have no work at hand here either. Moreover, I have been looking for the same since long. I had plans to work from a different location with the current organisation and live there.

Archana: That’s not possible. You have to undergo training here sooner, if you pass you stay with the organization if you don’t then a different scene.

Siyali: Why don’t you help me find a different project here preferably Non-US client oriented? I look forward to career growth and take up onshore roles preferably at Asia Pacific region. I can show you a list of locations I have applied for. I work on it.

Archana: I don’t have time to waste. Let’s see. (Too loud).

Part II

Kanit: (Over telephone)Come and meet me at my desk.

Siyali: Ok.

After a long discussion of previous and present work then.

Kanit: See, this is also another US client based project I work for. Why do you seek a job location change? This is your native place and here you can find people talking mother tongue language. Job location change is not possible. I have put you into a severe training plan, you can check your email once you are back to your desk. You have to pass the training exams to stay with the organization.

Siyali: Why same training? I have been already working on the same. I seek a relocation.

Kanit: That’s not possible. If you pass training this time, I may let you work in my project.

Siyali: I don’t want to work in an US project again at offshore. Seek career growth.  I look forward to work from different location and/or preferably into a non-US client based project.

Kanit: You have no choice. I have already put you into that severe training. You need to save your job first. Go and check your e-mail. I will talk to you later.

Siyali: Okay.

Part III

Siyali reached her desk which was in a different office building. Siyali did not accept to undergo that severe training. Siyali dropped in her resignation from the job.

Siyali: (Over telephone to Kanit) I have resigned. Check your e-mail. Any help would be kind.

Kanit: Ok. (Hung up)

Siyali found no effort to relocate her further and/or retain her. Siyali left that job for unknown destiny.

Part IV

More than a year hence

Kanit is a happy middle-aged employee who lives the city life, enjoys family life and a huge lunch plate everyday at work. Gets salaried a huge sum every month with least bothering about anyone else.

Siyali in her wonderland of thoughts:

1.Siyali wonders why a bad boss who even failed to be a boss is never asked for his drawback to retain any employee.

2.Siyali wonders why the HR cell exists when they do nothing on part of their job and anarchy prevails in any corporate organization.

3.Siyali wonders why she is still unemployed. Siyali wonders why Kanit’s influence affects her employability and employment so much even after more than a year instead of her changing different locations.

4.Siyali wonders if Kanit is professional at all. Though Kanit is much elder than Siyali, that should not take a priority at office/work and beyond. Work/office specially corporate offices are not orthodox families that can afford age barrier or anything like that.

5.Siyali wonders why some of her male colleagues and a few female too had got a relocation from the same office but not her. Though Siyali admits that Kanit was not involved in any of the cases.

In bad mood, Siyali prays for a similar Kanit for that Kanit that may create another unemployed one like Siyali. But Siyali is dramatically kind. Siyali never complained HR cell,etc about Kanit.

Siyali mourns in her few writing and wonders for being anynomous.


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