Mrs. Agony

Mrs. Agony

She is a beautiful married woman in middle-age. She is a home maker. She can easily get men around her. She doesn’t like any other women really specially unmarried ones she is acquainted with. She is insecured like anything so she visits every house around any woman she envies just to make sure she is still the most popular one. She also makes sure she does not behave well with any woman she envies near and far. She loves dating men out of her marriage too. She has a knack of stealing any guy even from different place acquainted to women she envies.

Not a one day anger vent write-up. Around eight year, possibly more, she used to find joy in Heena’s failures. She would never stand by Heena’s side whenever she is a failure or in bad time. She never called her up, visited Heena’s house or talked to Heena over many year.

Once she started to envy Heena. She stole even Heena’s relatives by her side, preferably at her house. She never visited Heena’s mother through many year when she was severely ill. She made a clone of Heena in her daughter since her childhood till date. She would dress herself and her  daughter like Heena mostly. She started to use her daughter to ruin even Heena’s personal life. She manages to skip bad time and funeral of Heena’s mother though she was one of the fistful women invited at Heena’s mother’s funeral. She would even sit in front of Heena and not talk to her and say bad things to anyone sitting next to Heena causing overall embarassment and hurting Heena’s reputation publicly. She and her daughter manages to not to interract or mix up even socially with Heena over many year however, tactfully exploits Heena’s name as defense for things even when Heena is not at all involved. If any person tries to be help to Heena, she even disrespects that/those person(s) even same with her daughter, at times publicly causing bigger disappointments.

When five prizes are given out anywhere, she manages to receive four at her home despite not deserving those at all and instead of being an extra-baggage in many places. She would dress like Heena and her mother even socially even at same functions and then not stay in touch with Heena. Heena was used to these and ignorance was bliss until once she found herself in some electrical massacre in a social function that could kill her on the spot and many others side-by her. She and her daughter dressed that evening  like once Heena used to do in the same stage. Heena and audience survived the accident. She and her daughter too. Heena has a feeling that she still wants to kill Heena. Now Heena is not sure why her mother died so early almost suddenly. Heena had thoughts of taking help from goodwills, however, she and her daughter will reach there too spying her and create new nuisances making Heena bound to search for newer shelter of security. She bought home with fistful of the then powerful people and Heena believes downfall in her career, other aspects of life, etc is because of those negative impulses regularly tempted by her.  Heena does not have password of her own computer at her own home. She kind of made sure her daughter excels with Heena’s stuffs/past/life/possibly death too while Heena is left to find the shabbiest corner for her to avoid her. Heena wonders how she managed to convince that this happen in her own house too. Through many year, she is in constant contact with Heena’s relatives without Heena’s knowledge or Heena’s direct contact  and preferably always regularly in Heena’s absence. She makes sure she gets all information about Heena or progress and cause more nuisances. She makes sure Heena’s relatives takes her daughter as Heena’s replacement. Heena has a nerve she will die sooner an unnatural death the way she wants. She makes sure her daughter in never in real contact with Heena at all apart from her daughter’s childhood memories and some illusions that she manages to maintain. Heena is more lonely now. Heena’s relatives are less interested in Heena and more in her and her daughter by the time. Heena is more than disappointed whenever her relatives mixes up with her and her daughter ignoring Heena. She has her huge family by her side still all these. Another reason why Heena avoids to convey many stuffs in her life to her relatives. Heena often avoids to let them know many people/stuffs acquainted to/work with outside her place which often turns out in vain causing disappointment. Like she is blissed to have her wishes fulfilled to get Heena into repeated failures. Time when she can flock more men around her more often and may be a weak wish to be a saviour in Heena’s life thus become a living Goddess to many if not all. Mostly, she avoids catching up with wives or women in houses of all those men. Unfortunately, Heena understands what kind of wicked woman she is. She knows Heena’s favourites that helps her more in her evil deeds to spoil stuffs in Heena’s life. Heena was not such a detoriating one when she was not acquainted to her and her daughter. Heena is living with a feeble chunce of her career revival at all and a personal life with cuts and patches. Heena hates her friends to be in touch with her. Heena hates all information leaked. Heena is helpless that she can’t repair things with weak link Mrs. Agony anytime anywhere. She would lick Heena’s online stuffs and offline stuffs too as far as possible to get all informations and bring more disappointments to Heena. Such a rogue.

Do you know now what’s in a name?


Compiled by Moumita Adhikary.


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