Art work with egg shell

Written by Moumita Adhikary

What to do with an egg well broken to take out it’s inside stuffs to cook, to eat? While there is wonder about the beauty of broken egg shell, a picture follows.


An idea of an art work clicks. Another side of the egg shell looks as follows : –


The egg shell is painted in yellow. A bunch of dried unknown grass veriety and a dead shoot hard and stiff collected. Picture follows : –


A motif is painted on the egg shell. Picture follows : –


Dried grass are stuffed to fill hollow space inside the egg shell. The dead shoot inserted inside as in the picture that fits to stand erect the decorated egg shell.


The lid of an empty bottle of an essential oil cut a bit. Painted outside and filled with mud and dried grass. The dead shoot is placed that makes the finished look of the art work as in picture follows : –



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