Bidding adieu to Year 2016.

2016, spent a year staying at home. Living is different at a newer place this year in 2016. Home is different without my mother. One of my Aunt’s death latest in 2014 remained a burden almost always till I found ways to dissipate sadness. I found rejoice with stories I heard from her once while her study days in Shantiniketan, and my trip to Shantiniketan this Christmas on Poush Mela 2016.

My small scale entrepreneurship at CARDS store is a different experience. I am happy I could do some higher study with help of IIM-Rohtak and become little ahead in literacy in 2016. However, the fact is I am happier that I could study at one of the IIMs in the country India which was a dream I thought impossible to come true for me once.

Unemployment, bereavement,etc. caused me little cynic many a while. I have gained weight throughly starting February by now this year as not desired. Too much coffee once for a shorter number of day had become alarming.

Not happy with my discontinuity from full-time job. Not happy for not being able to move to another country for work and living as planned by 2016 end too. However, that does not mean I am not happy with 2016.

Personally, I am happy that I am happily single.

I have been sincerely keen on my own to heal me through quite sometime by now. Travel, aromatherapy, etc. helped to bring higher sense of positivity in me. To be apt, not writing many things good, bad or not in this year 2016 with or without me. 31st December 2016, this last day of this year makes me feel as if empty.

Look forward to the year 2017.


Yours thankfully,

Moumita Adhikary


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