New Year’s Day 2017

The clock ticked 2017 in the midnight when I was not aware, busy with a lit up candle in my room kept dark the then. There be light and falling hairs and dandruff are alarming woo this winter. As I scribble, the newly got wooden pen from Shantiniketan is so mine. The Neem shoot I have collected to plant during daytime is not yet dull in soaked water. The way I have become me has  made me close to silence even on this New Year’s eve late night.

I have learnt a lot about womanhood by now only to wonder how I am tonight. And the way I feel about certain stuffs. I have come a long way putting efforts to induce positivity in me specifically in past few month as my memory brings to me now. I believe I can be better. There is a different sense of freedom. May there be peace. May 2017 be a happy year.

– Moumita Adhikary


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