Re-reading a book

Written by Moumita Adhikary

There are reasons to re-read any book which are part of curriculum. However, mostly it takes a major knack in the subject of the book or requirement to dig deeper into insight knowledge to re-read a book which is not part of any curriculum. While there can be as simple reason to re-read any book as not having any other book at hand to read like a book-worm’s habit or just to come out of any monotony.

There are different sort of readers. Some are avid readers who can’t do without books waking up in  early morning, at bed time at night and in the meantime as well. Some are protagonists of what they read. Some are keen to read novels, mystery, fiction, sex comedies,etc. Some find reading books a liability. Some give reading books a miss often.

There are different sort of books known well to readers and to reveal for the newbies.

Readers often have a favouritism for authors, publications or may be just an attractive cover page. Some fall prey ending up picking a book they don’t like or may be a bad book. Some can read any book only to celebrate good books. Some creates massacre attempting to live bad/destructive books. However, there is a philosophy that there is nothing called bad book. Just that some books do not fit enough to customise for a reader. There are genres of books which are popular or well sold. Books that get piled up on racks. Books that readers aspire to read. Books those disappoint. Books which has favourite niche in reader’s hearts.

Books which are widely reviewed. Books which are author’s favourite. Books which are editor’s guineapig. Books which are remembered by publishing houses. Books which are tributes. Books which are critics food for thought. Books which bring people closer. Books which causes dispute. Books which gives chunce to sort out.

A reader gets enough choice to ignore, read, forget or remember a book and/or anything about it.

Books which fails an author. Perhaps many authors. History knows freelance authors coming up with books regularly for bread and butter. There is always more to that. There is often another side of any story. Books which brings fame and fortune to many authors. Some books are classics.

Many times, re-reading is less a compulsion and more of a choice or vice versa.


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