Communication gap analysis

“I fail as a human resource when I fail to come up with anything useful and/or work despite of communication gap.” – That’s a conceived hypothesis.

A minimum gap of ten day in communication is still a standard norm. Not digging deeper into it’s Maths.

There are intentional and unintentional lack of communication. Reasons are often personal and/or anything but personal. Not being able to communicate is a problem which becomes a comfortable habit often followed by a tendency to not come out of the comfort zone. While inner ego are nourished well in due time, there is often an increasing tendency of monkey communication (lack of direct communication).

Behaviour as if in teens in later decades in life while communication creates room to grow up. There is room to understand that missed calls, blank calls, prank calls, threat calls over the telephone, etc., misconduct or giving communication a miss helps creating nuisance to mankind many a time. Some have a destructive tendency to women doing the talks at work or even non-work. Open source platforms and social media were meant for connecting people basically which is often an increasing threat to real life trying to find an Internet disconnected zone or less access to anything like this. There are often unpleasant instances in real world in opposition to anything displeasing in virtual world. While cyber crime has it’s own zone still, there are smarter of the cyber criminal lot require to be curbed who do not show up in the virtual world, uses intellect to monitor every little or big cyber activity and commits anything close to or actual crime in reaction/opposition to anything in the virtual world. There are people as backward to the Internet/social platforms as disconnecting from such spaces, causing loss and destruction and miscommunication in virtual as well as in the real world. Announcing about a travel or meeting or job interview, relationship status, etc. in the Internet/social media beforehand has often turned out to be a cause of disappointment and an increasing threat. People active on the Internet are often doomed to failure.

In anytime by now in this world, in most parts of the world or when we do accept the One World, there are more number of male than female in majority portions on Earth. While these are becoming common everyday problem to women majorly, there are a few men/male suffering anything like this. There is acceptance of men being the superior in a house. There is room for women empowerment.

In the huge population on this world, there are varied behavioural patterns which varies mostly in people according to the Nation they belong or live, ethnicity, etc even possibly religion.

There are sayings like “Indians are shy”. The developing country India contradicts any saying like this. Shyness can be nurtured to come out of it’s niche.

1.Do I question me?

->Come on – never. I don’t have neither answers nor any wish to pinpoint me. Questions and blame-games to others often make my day and/or living.

2.How often do I communicate?

-> Depends.

3.Do I ignore/avoid direct speech after a conflict/confrontation?

->I fail conflict management and I can’t do without anyone else getting into this hence I cause more effort drainage. When anyone else does not take my side, I involve more people into this and put more energy to make things as I wish but there is seldom a win-win situation even after longer timeframe. To be precised, I am unable to close a shorter issue by longer time.

Now, coming to Gap Analysis, communication is not often a countable entity in any metrics but work done is.

In any case, there is anything sharing knowledge on communication gap analysis in any study on this, I am flexible to receive.

– Moumita Adhikary


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