Painted Western India Classics

Compiled by Moumita Adhikary

Theme: Ajanta cave painting

Description: During my visit to the Ajanta caves, a local guide described a lot while I kept tracking informations with all provided in Internet search engines. The caves are all rocks, hence, cool inside in the month of summer. Whereas sun-exposed rocks get heated a lot outside caves. Wearing a pair of socks is a smart choice while wearing two pairs one-after another is a smarter choice. Taking off one pair of socks after visiting cave can save getting footwear dirty inside. It took quite sometime to come up with a painting of my own of Ajanta caves inside in it’s early day by lately.


Theme: A fisherwoman selling fishes at day out in the Sun.
Description: Koliwada men used to catch/catches fishes from the Arabian Sea in fishing boats through fishing rods and nets, brought to the shore and sorted to sell through local ferry or in market. Fisherwomen are hard-working, works to earn livelihood with men. Sorting and marketing them in containers or getting hand-woven baskets ready for fishes are known to start from early dawn. Most popular fishes are Surmai, Bangda, Pomfret, etc. Koliwada people makes hay and live happily. An everyday scene in Koliwada community nearby the Arabian Sea in and around Bombay or Mumbai.

Painter and picture courtesy: Moumita Adhikary.


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