Accupressure for well-being

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Once upon a time in Kolkata, settling down on a tool in a busy bookshop, felt an increased urge to know a huge book on Accupressure in my hands. I was alone. It is great when a bookshop is as sound as a library. The book was too huge and with a high pricetag to make me buy one copy of the same. Had few minute to read between. Some pressure point techniques with touch of finger tips on own looked great options for mostly for minor ailments like headache, drowsiness, etc. However, I was lucky to go through many other treatment techniques or well-being teachniques through accupressure for different purposes.

Internet have wide knowledge avenues too on this.

Now that I often use accupressure point  techniques on me for health well-being, almost instant help feels good.

Thanks to accupressure therapy. May this way be help to many others too as and when required.

Happy learning!

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