Beauty parlour work: Threading learning

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Life had made me exist on time when I understood the importance of knowing how to do beauty parlour work threading on my own.

I had taken one month long hands-on training on threading learning and practising in a beauty parlour in a nearby community. Effort put was two hour a day almost every alternate day for a month in that beauty parlour. While learning Bridal beauty packages or whole parlour work is a growing trend in West Bengal, I managed to customize my beauty parlour training only to threading learning as I wished so. That suffice my purpose and requirement for learning this for now.

Getting a thread roll from market that is used specifically on threading is important.

This training costed me few cuts and bleeds during my initial days of hands-on threading on my hands and legs apart from fees. Was happy the way I learnt to become better as there were no cuts or bleeds after some days the training had started. I was able to thread my forehead, chin, upper lips, lower lips and with lots of effort partially my eyebrows too.

To be apt, I am trained now to work on my own grooming on threading part almost.

One of the idea behind doing this was to save money on parlour works in other countries outside India and self-help in India too as and when required. Possibly not too far a day to thread across the said community in West Bengal, India.

Now that almost next month to this training has a week to end, I would like to thank everyone who I got to thread or could help in my threading learning days. Thanks to the trainer.

May you have happy threading time!



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