Sleep diary

Written by Moumita Adhikary

This is after quite some brainstorming that I thought of blogging on my first sleep diary. I was not happy with all that I had on pen and paper as my sleep diary log in a fortnight starting 6th January 2017 through 19th January 2017. It’s time for reality check.

While my sleep diary was not so formal, started initially for self-assessment and to keep it to me, was part of everyday in a given fortnight. Sharing result were for reasons. Primarily sleep diary consists of three things: i.wake-up time ii.bed time iii.Hour wake up. Ideally it should have been hour slept, I logged it otherwise, leaving it to anyone interested to do arithmatic while damn interested to conflict me for a petty cause.

Attached are pictures of some picked up day to read my first two week sleep diary while existing on my second sleep diary timeframe. A deep study would reveal few lines of song lyrics I wrote and tried to learn during these days.

How I read my first sleep diary at a glance?

Day 1:



Day 2:


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 1 – Day 4, consecutive first three day were not that bad while Day 4 started at quite later part of  the day for me.

Day 6:


There is Day 6 that started for me in the evening around 5pm. On a Wednesday, this sort of wake time mismatches with all hypothesis that says that working persons – young and elderly matches up their frequencies at work approximately on Wednesday in a week given lifestyle differences in and around weekends for younger and elderly at work. This is an exceptional read. Actually not an exception in that way as I am not into any full-time work now so kind of enjoying life differently out of the box.

Day 10:



There is day like Day 10 which is on a weekend when I missed to log time and calculate hour. This means I was not totally agreed with logging a sleep diary at all or may I missed it or I forgot.

Day 11:


There is Day 11 when there is wake-up and bed time logs but hour calculation. As I tend to approach the end of the sleep diary I was aware to not to indulge into calculation that would fetch another dissatisfying result.

Day 14:

day 14.JPG

There is Day 14 that started for me at 16:05 hour despite of bed time as early as 23:00hour the previous night having a sleep time of approximately 17hour. Then wake up hour in Day 14, 19th January ’17 is 11hour and bed time starts at the end of Day 14 at 3:30am in the early morning. An average sound sleep cycle consists of three hour for a healthy person. 00:00hour to 03:00hour is considered normally the first sleep cycle which is a miss even at Day 14 of writing a sleep diary. This means there was lack of monitoring and improvement during the two week of this sleep diary.

As this sleep diary of mine is more a diary of usual irregular routine of everyday life as recent past as few week ago, this gives a i. study of general sleep pattern in a given two week ii. Find scope of improvement iii.remedies.

Sleep diary (I) results also reflect my discontinuity from any full-time study/work/job/any paid work which looks justified given the odd hour wake up time in recent past two week for any morning/general shift work hour. Understood are reasons for no evening/night shifts for women at work in most of the workplaces.

Self-study and awareness suggested to undergo remedial measures and write another sleep diary. Another sleep diary looks challenging and demanding.

Self-assessment depicting root cause for oversleeping or hypersomnia being moderate depression, there is off-course need to cure depression to get rid of any other ailments.

Researches and study reveals good 14-15hour sleep is normal for many happy persons in the world to work normal. However, in my case study, there is a requirement of consistency of sleep cycles if not any other improvements.

Remedial measures are as follows : –

i.Withdrawal of detected root cause for depression.

ii.Practise workout, yoga, aromatherapy, meditation – sleep,etc.

iii.Read on.

Considering therapeutic measures rather than medication is believed to fetch me a good sleep diary next.

Till then, may you understand sleep cycle concepts better and/or suggest any other help, and have a happy sleep time everyday or practically every night!


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