Study of fluid interaction with structures by a river

Written by Moumita Adhikary

There are quite a number of parameters in study that can fetch a defined analytic curve and analytics based on measurable parameters by any river.

Given that this is meant to remain as a purposeful study of a newbie on this subject, there is less room of business analytics with lack of business objective say by an age old river and more into learning on hydro fluvial study by a river.

A shallow river on a winter mid-day looks like a rivulet which is often not the truth. Unless it is said/known clearly whether a visible dynamic waterbody is a river or another of it’s sort, there are fair chunces of guesses or room to wonder with permutations and combinations with it’s known salient features.

Known facto – When a fluid flow encounters a structure, stresses and strains are exerted on the solid object – forces that can lead to deformations. These deformations can be quite large or very small, depending on the pressure and velocity of the flow and the material properties of the actual structure.

Let us understand the importance and level of interest in a chosen field of study rather than diving into depthful study of the subject in the beginning. Geophysical hydraulics consists of the observation. A followed description of the same depicts an experiment on fluid interaction with structures by a river.

Following are the pictures showing how fluid motion varied due to presence of an opaque solid object in a river/rivulet downstream : –

i.A downstream with solid opaque structures : Due to rock the waterflow movement has diversed little. Picture follows : –


ii.A river waterstream with hollow structures : Observed. To experiment to find on own.

iii.Insoluble transparent structure(piece of cloth): Picture follows : – Water passes through the piece of cloth to the other side.


iv.Temperature prediction of the waterbody by observation: When a shield of ice is visible on top of the waterbody, it is freezing cold, when not water temperature is not freezy.

A further knowledge sharing on this is welcome.

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