How did I shed 1Kg in seven day with normal home diet?

-> With monitored poor weight loss result in previous three week in a one month weight loss self-help program in January 2017, the last week worked wonders with result of one Kilogram weight reduction.

While I made it a point, that there is no room to undergo hardcore food type intake restriction, I chose to stay with normal home diet plan.

Some small changes in food habit throughout the given week has changed such as follows:-

1.Divide lunch into two portions to eat at an interval of minumum two hour and maximum three hour. Eat second portion of lunch before at least two-one hour of major workout in a day.

2.Early dinner by 8pm IST.

3.Replace caffeine fluids with herbal tea after dinner. This effects sleeping habits hence room for breakfast intake in a day.

4.Food portion of lunch to dinner in ration of 2:1 but as however for the given week, ratio of two different equal portions of lunch to dinner in ratio 1:1:1. This helps in belly fat reduction.

5.Increased time in an easy workout plan from four times a week(roughly four hour) to extra hour to sum up to seven hour(regular four hour in seven day+half an hour in six day) to the given week. Anyways, a seven hour plan looks more appropriate to a learning schedule equivalent to one working day’s task. No room for increasing difficulty level in a workout plan suddenly for beginners or anyone having fitness goals after a long possibly a weight loss program.

Happy time!


Yours thankfully –

Moumita Adhikary


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