One day Wine making workshop

Written by Moumita Adhikary

With modern day living, there is less scope of having a grape vine at home garden and more chunces of getting grapes available at the grocery market.

Wine are basically two types : – a)White wine b)Red wine.

While dining etiquette suggests having white wine is proper with seafood or anything to eat having no reddish colour in it. Red wine suits well with meat, other non-veg dishes, cake, any food having red colour, etc.

Wine has less than 15% alcohol content maximum. Home-made wine obviously have lesser count of alcohol percentage and is sort of packaged fruit juices available though without any preservative making it healthier of the lot.

In India, wine making and consumption are increasing in various parts of the Nation. Marketed wineries and grapevines are a significant part in the agricultural industries of India. India being a developing Nation, wine consumption is becoming increasingly prevalent. Market study would find women has greater thirst for wine than men. 4Oz a day is a moderate wine consumption for a person to stick with healthy wine habit.

Wine making is fun. One who makes her/his own wine have higher chunces to consume less which is a good habit. Inspired by various reads on wine, there is a different joy to prepare red wine on my own.


A growing knack of flavours started with i.Indian spices into warm water of four mug which heats to boil. Depends upon which flavours one likes, one can use cinnamon/cardamom, etc or a mix of different spices. A lid is used to preserve the aroma.

ii.Next the mix is cooled.

iii.Black grapes for red wine or white grapes for white wine are stooped manually.

iv.Next the grapes mush is mixed with the flavoured water and boiled in low heat flame for twenty minute.

v.The whole boiled mush is cooled.

vi.Liquid filtered from the mush is the raw liquor.

vii.Cooled slowly to obtain the wine.

Wine is enjoyed at room temperature mostly.

Guess it’s time to say happy hour!


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