Predicted IT Recruitment trends in 2017

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Threat – The month of January is tending to its end with a clue of rush and push sooner as immigrants are send back with denial of work in US company payrolls increasing buffer resource pool in Indian job market.

“Indians have a tendency to perform all the while before white skin.” This happens even out of office. India was reigned by the British for 200 year. Soon after the 68th Republic day in India in 2017 on 26th January, India has come a long way. Given that a developing Nation depends on developed countries, there is a significant role of democracy in India.

The last quarter of the financial year looks least bothered about new recruitments.

Scope –

i.There is a scope of working employees to be better than who are not on payrolls.

  1. There is room for pro-activeness to see to new recruitment. In private IT sectors, one average good performer happens to end up working in various organisations due to personal and/or professional demands.

iii.There is scope for anyone in the ongoing process to join hands with Human Resources in the organisation. Being a performer does not lend a room to averse/ignore HR.

iv.There is necessity to understand how an employee connects to another employee/ex-colleague/job seeker,etc. They all met/meet/connect for a primary common goal to work with organisation(s) and anything related. Nothing less, nothing more. Let us act accordingly.

v.Working with the same organisation or towards same goals does not approve any dominance of one person over another conflicting in their personal goals. It is hard to have a boss and sub-ordinate good rapport to work together with common organizational goals. Alas! this is true. There is scope to understand organizational behaviour and maintain work ethics. There is need to restrict intervention in another colleague’s/person’s  other work, personal life, etc. when there is no consent or mutual understandings of interests/interest(s).

vi.There is scope to be professional at work and even at non-work for personal excellence. For example, a good employee does not compel personal and professional life of another person/colleague/ex-colleague/partner/stakeholder/user,etc. against their will. There is scope of smart conflict management.

Annie is a single woman employee. Bhim likes Gauja at work. Gauja is looking for a bride. Bhim makes efforts in match-making of Annie and Gauja. Annie leaves the workplace in next some day. Bhim has to know that office is a workplace first and not a matrimonial site. Lack of work ethics. A senior manager sends Bhim to a training on Company ethics, while there is necessity to take care where Annie’s next endeavour. A further case study case reveals, Annie gets no further work and with resentment she loses urge to work again and settles down in an arranged marriage with a groom some chose for her. Few are of opinion that at least, Annie did not lose the battle in life and could live instead of committing anything lethal for herself.

Ask questions to yourself. “Am I eligible to be on the payroll of the current organisation?”.

Recent job search trend – Buffer resource pool looks stagnant desperate seeking career alternatives. This has been almost alike since Republic day in India since 2015 till now.

i.Job search for experienced professionals has become an extravagant affair with uncertainties like never-ending. Let us understand there is no office once one is out of organizational payroll or contract or freelance. Discover and understand work and non-work and anything related.

ii.Freshers are having different scenarios every year. When there is a myth or trend about IT companies hiring freshers for two year or so and then there is a roadblock for employees to excel in engineering, there is room for understanding for anyone next in the pipeline to choose differently to prevent failure.

Within any organization, quality and audits are not meant for sessions to take lucidly and wind up concluding the meet in between a charming man and a beautiful lady. Quality has a lot of significance in directing the course of an organization.


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