Beer making learning

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Fresh brew can be prepared even with a small oven. Market sold beer has 8-12% alcohol. Brewed beer without preservative and added artificial alcohol content consists of lesser alcohol content in the beer. Drinking beer is prevalent in India. Increasing number of men and women consume beer.

Study reveals drinking once in a while is a healthy social habit that enhances mood. Though many Indian women are conservative to disclose their drinking habit amongst many, mostly women from Maharashtra or a cosmopolitan city like Mumbai drinks even at work and this is part of dining etiquette or table manners. The practicality of social drinking habits is uplifting from a group of men drinking together to unisex drinking habits at work, other work or non-work,etc. However, practically, in India today drinking alcohol or not drinking are habits or anything else but mandate that depends, off course apart from Indian dry day list in any given year.

Brewing beer on my own is hay.

How I prepare two mugs of beer ?

i.Warm 3.5mugs(3.5litre) water.

ii.Add flavours as per taste viz. Spices, a small piece of soft wood, etc.

iii.Add 100gm barley into the water and boil.

iv.Remove flame and cool the same.

v.Heat the mixture again and add a small portion of wheat into it.

vi.Remove the flame and cool the mixture.

vii.Heat the mixture and add few greens viz.beans or legumes like kidney beans.

vii.Add little rice into it.

viii.Heat low, medium and high consecutively and repeatedly till the liquid content is reduced to 1.15-1.20ltr.

ix.Cool off the mixture.

x.Filter the fresh brew from the mixture.

xi.Two glasses of fresh beer are ready.

xii.The rest of the mixture can be used as raw boiled mush to cook a one-pot meal.

Fresh brewed beer is enjoyed cold.

Happy hour!

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