Sleep diary II

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Taking down another sleep diary on second fortnight and sharing is all about this sleep journal. The metric consists of three parameters viz. i.Wake-up time, ii.Bed time iii.Hour.

The habit of noting down log everyday for given two week was a practise with a previous start in a second sleep diary.

Following are some of the pages of sleep diary of logging a second fortnight : –

Day 1:

Day 1.JPG

Day 3:

Day 3.JPG

Day 6:


Day 10:


Day 12:



Day 13:


Understanding: –

Responded to therapy.

Generally, anomaly of sleep timing depicts the urgency of waking up in any given day in a given fortnight of a noted sleep diary lately.

Suggestions: –

Any increase in activity level in a day or change in active hour in a day can help change awake hour and/or improve performance in a sleep diary hence and plan accordingly.


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