Despair since April 2015

I don’t have a knack to disappoint friends or acquaintances,etc. However, nowadays every time I see a message ping or anything of the sort, I wonder if there is anything on my recruitment anytime and there is none. All I know now : –
i) A man earns and then only possibly thinks of starting a second innings of life.
ii) Same with a working/aspirant woman.
Alas! At times weddings occur only to make-up financial distress due to lack of source of regular earning mostly in case of women who are not able to work and earn in present day economy. Not all weddings are marriages. There is more room for flexibility for survival at bad time. Life’s necessity often make understand that women are the doormats of civilization as the established saying goes. May God bless Bengalee women. #Awareness2017 can help every cause.

A year is not only a list of holidays.
In search of anything good specially for women.

Yours sincerely,

Moumita Adhikary

12th February 2017.


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