When Gopal is in love….

A short drama

Written by Moumita Adhikary


Priya: I have got cards and chocolates. Let’s have the chocolates.

Jini: Who gave?

Priya: Gopal.

Chayani: Oh, Valentine’s day is nearby. Any good news?

Priya: Gopal proposed to me with these chocolates and a card.

Jini: Did you say ‘Yes’ to him?

Priya: No. He is nagging. I took the gifts.

Priya unwrapped the chocolate bar and divided into pieces for her friends around. They had the chocolates but Jini.

Few month later

Gopal: I have fallen for Jini. Rakhal, could you please ask her what’s for me from her end?

This time Gopal sent a card, chocolates and a red rose too for Jini with Rakhal.

Rakhal: Jini, this is for you from Gopal.

Jini: Refused to take anything and moved away with a negative.

Rakhal torn the card and rose then and there. Rakhal returned the chocolates to Gopal.

Month later

Gopal: Mala, You are special to me. I love you.

Mala: I will think about it.

Some day later

Gopal: Mala, You are special to me. I love you.

Mala: I love you too.

Wow, finally Gopal and Mala made a happy couple.

Some year later

Gopal: Priya and Jini were too proud…bla bla…

Priya: Why did you refuse Gopal once upon a time?

Jini: Did he ever propose to you on his own?

Priya: No. He had said to Yadu. Yadu said to Madhu. Madhu told Raka. Raka had said to me and said not to tell everyone.

Jini: Umm….

Priya and Jini had lost words.

Jini wondered what could be now if that day Gopal had come up to her instead of Rakhal.


A while and a pinch of reality.


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