Aftermath of Valentine’s week 2017

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Well, not too sure why am I writing this. Possibly nobody asked about my love life and I was least interested to talk about my Valentine’s week 2017 to anyone until now which feels like opening up in a page of a personal diary.

No man is dating me now-a-days. I am not dating anyone. I don’t remember since when. Nothing romantic happened in the Valentine’s week or near or far past and present day too.

I was and I am at peace with myself on this and feeling blessed to be happily single.

While I have almost nothing to talk about my present love life, I am quite happy the way I treated myself with goodies and every way I made myself feel special. Staying all alone way back at home during the Valentine’s week 2017 was like a boon and a grand celebration in itself. I had lived and enjoyed days. I had missed staying alone for long until sometime back.  My father was out of town for a health check-up far away in South India all alone and gracefully he is good for around ten day round the corner.

For me, soon after the V-day 2017 week is gone, it felt like a grand festival is over. This year I feel better as I was blessed with a week free of hassles at least in my personal and/or love life.

When I see anyone happy in their relationships, marriages, commitments I feel happy for them and there is actually no regret that I don’t have a romantic partner or anything of the sort.

I am happy for me as I am happily single.

May love dwell in all hearts and beyond.


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