Concerns on mid-level women workforce employment specifically in IT industry

Following are some compiled almost hidden concerns on mid-level women workforce employment : –

i.There is a tough recruitment procedure ahead with thinner strike rate for women working professionals trying to resume full-time job after maternity leave.

ii.Lack of cress or work from home opportunity in most of the office spaces to take care of toddler/baby/children for working mothers.

iii.There is often a tough situation for married women/anyone planning her wedding working force to get a relocation at work as and when seeked possibly at spouse/groom’s work location. This often persists and resultant is forceful discontinuity from work.

iv.Lack of office transport facility at work places makes it harder in commute for women workforce working late hour specifically for those women who resides far from workplace.

v.Deficiency in leave policies which makes it hard for women and also men working in case of sudden requirement of long leaves due to severe illness, death(s) or emergency at home or personal,etc.

vi.Unmarried working women often fall prey of hard wedding compulsions with a peer or anything of the sort affecting both their worklife and personal, etc.

vii.A woman employee’s priority is often deprived while men are almost privileged in private IT companies at work or anyone getting to work.

viii.Any woman part of the working force when undertakes education in any given year often has less chunces to get recognition at work.

ix.Women with poor re-connectivity with people mostly once out of work has issues to resume work again. Even developing Nations have scenarios when women are pulled backward by the people causing barrier career growth. Mostly this happens when a woman candidate/workforce is understood less and priority is overridden to other’s preferences/biasing/priorities.

x.Recruitment panels slowing down or not interested or arranging a walk-in,etc for mid-level women workforce employment specifically in IT industry who are not working currently predicting marriage,etc looking at age group.

xi.Lack of acceptance or understanding of any working woman taking a sabbatical and willing to resume work again.

xii.Lack of bandwidth to attend interviews/walkins at far offices in short notice. Women not working say for long are often unable to come up with arranging expensive travel, stay, food, etc. for attending a job interview during dire job hunt.

xiii.Seeking a change in job location,domain, sector even roles far from home place or current place is often in doubt resulting in rejection for almost 98% working women, even for anyone not working and willing to resume work.

There are areas of understanding and improvement.

Apart from these, there are company policies. When education fees sums to much more than 10% of annual income in a financial year, there is Maths in finance, often incurring a huge deficit in rewards.

Executive programs and other education often does not provide placement opportunities. Anyone who is/are already discontinued from full-time job and undertaken some higher education finds it hard to get in any IT company again despite of education valuation with suitable role(s) and recognition(s) and is restricted to a flat 15-40% payhike in most of the cases.

Some recruitment procedures in IT companies to resume work for mid-level women/men workforce employment specifically in IT industry comprises of i)applications from candidates and/or ex-employees,etc. ii)employee referrals and /or iii)telephonic rounds, iv)Reference to previous face to face job interview attended by the candidate, etc.

A knowledge sharing is always welcome.

Yours thankfully,

Moumita Adhikary

20th February 2017.


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