Healthy and happy holidays/vacation for working professionals and/or everyone

Written by Moumita Adhikary

In any year, there is necessity to go for vacation to stay healthy. Vacations are known, suggested and taken to boost mental and physical health. Must have for everyone and necessary for people already stressed.

Some vacations while not all holidays or vacation can be planned well in advance. Some are paid holidays while some are not for working professionals. Getting leaves at work is often full of frictions which results in even a reason to change a workplace. While smarter authority can always have buffer pool to get to work to keep employees happy in getting leaves. Every employee deserves to use and may use leaves at least the number of leaves an employee can take in a year as per company norms. Listed holidays has their own count. Long leave request may be granted too at times at work. Sabbatical is often holiday/vacation only. Some vacations are meant for other work too.

Not digging too much into leave policy for working professionals, what kind of vacation one takes depends. Some working professionals take leaves to sort out things but anything else. At times, a vacation starts with something and may be tends to end with anything else.

While being on holiday outside the country is expensive, India is a vast country to travel. Travel expenses varies. Cheap deals can be found out.

Some people are keen for holidays during festivals, occasions or goes for pilgrimage. Some people prefers to holiday with family only or to visit relatives, family, friends mostly whenever going for a vacation. Solo travellers and people travelling in small, medium and large groups exists. Destination weddings, resort outings, village tour, homestays, marathons, bike travels, cycle tours, treks, expeditions, etc. are part of travel and tourism. Honeymoon packages are available plenty.

Some people goes for therapeutic vacation like spa care, month long meditation hub vacation, etc. Survivors, patients and mostly terminally ill patients, etc often goes for prescribed vacation on or for recovery.

There is a lot on holidays/vacation. They say to travel is to understand.

May you have a happy holiday and/or vacation.


Yours truly,

Moumita Adhikary


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