Accomodation issues for women in many places

Written and compiled by Moumita Adhikary

Mostly women seeking ladies paying guest stay often finds it difficult to stay in a dingy PG having lack of space, privacy, odd time limits despite of PG location being in a metropolitan area, at times provisions too with the pain of sharing a room with other girls. There are seldom options available in a ladies PG or shared flat, etc. to get to stay in one room with attached bath and lock and key on the doors for a woman, shared kitchen are still bearable or manageable for many women. There is need of practicality in rapport building, sharing conveyances like shared food and kitchen, transport, space, privacy, etc. which becomes often cause of conflicts to stay together. Another issue is lack of peace, understanding. Mostly PG-mates come from various different backgrounds. Safety is a growing concern when there is lack of rapport amongst women staying in the same PG. In many cases, not always a PG-mate is a bosom friend however, to maintain safety outsiders shall not be entertained seeking a PG girl by others staying in the PG, information leakage from inside the PG has to be taken care of, necessity to respect each other, providing help in need can be added value.

Provisons for stay for family or friends, etc. of anyone staying in a rented shelter anywhere far from home is necessity. There has to be room for near ones if not for regular stay may be occasional visits, long stays or emergency.

In some metro cities like Mumbai, there are scarcity of ladies only shared accommodation facilities. Many women does not wish to stay in unisex shared flats, etc. which is a growing problem and often a reason to not stay in that particular space. One room apartments are almost not available or affordable which makes it a demerit of a place.

Rented villas, house, flats, studio rooms are good as long as that comes in budget of anyone to stay. Too high brokerage, deposit charges, etc. are not affordable for many which is a prime concern for anyone to choose a place to stay and/or work.

Often similar concerns for rented accommodation in other places and outside India. People going abroad for work and/or studies, etc. have similar accomodation requirements along with other facilities too in budget for flexible duration of stay – short or longer due to uncertain work allocations abroad.

May you find home in a house you live.


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