Suicide squad

Written by Moumita Adhikary

Death is the ultimate work in a lifetime.

Every year suicide death tolls are increasing which is an alarm. Statistics in India for suicide attempts to survivors are numbered. It took a lot to create and live a life. One should prohibit to kill himself/herself. God is great. This is same for anyone without beliefs in God too.

It takes twenty minute for a person to die due to strangulation or immersion in water. Though time required for a death to happen depends on the Nature of a suicide attempt, time is not much. Surviving suicide has to be prompt. Be your suicide squad first and then for anyone else in need.

Suicide squads are persons with voluntary priority and mostly a collective decision to be a help ready to save life a suicide. However, a suicide squad working rigorously towards restricting suicides shall take breaks from this work to have mental balance as suicide thoughts of a person provokes another suicide thoughts may be to another/other persons.

There are institutions working as suicide squad offering helplines to restrict suicides and save lives. Being an official suicide squad for a timeframe is not often a practical scenario possibly due to uncertainties of of basic needs of life viz. food, clothes and shelter in real life, etc and/or mismatch of work pattern to restrict suicides. A person with intentions can always become a suicide squad be being a help in need.

Dissipating energy by talking, physical activities, etc. are known to reduce suicide pangs. However, treating the root cause saves a suicide. Surviving a suicide is good but discussing too much about it is not healthy practice. Coming across suicide/suicide attempt stories can be lethal too.

For example, Hanah promotes his business preaching his three day survival in 1litre juice for three person in a remote place to a wide group of strangers in lots. The story smells half-baked looking at the location and connectivity of the said place in the given story. This story provokes ideas to commit any suicide. This sort of stories shall not be used as business tools that may harm lives.

As the saying goes “Live and let live”.

Even an average normal person may come across suicidal thoughts on an average mostly due to disrespect, personal distress, work life stress, family problems, people, any other harmful external stimuli, etc.

Death managements are desperate and require smartness, love and luck to save life.

Removal of havoc sources of sadness, depression, etc.; treating depression or similar/other ailments, acquiring a healthy lifestyle are time taking suicide precautions, preventions remedial measures that should be taken for life longevity.

Spreading awareness for a good cause.

Wish you a happy life!


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